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About Dmitry Torgovitsky

Dmitry Torgovitsky was born in Moscow, Russia. His mother was a doctor and his father was an electrical engineer.


He majored in Physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a university built by Joseph Stalin to rival the MIT. Immediately after graduating from the university, Torgovitsky came to the United States and entered graduate school at Fordham University in New York, where he studied molecular biology, supporting himself in a variety of jobs ranging from dishwashing in a Japanese restaurant to delivering helium balloons.


After a few years of working in the labs Torgovitsky sent himself to NYU to study film. But he received what he considers his “real film education” at the Millennium Film Workshop, learning from Mike Kuchar and Jennifer Reeves, and by watching hundreds of films, both classic and experimental, at Anthology Film Archives and the now-defunct Theater 80.

Torgovitsky has made a few short films, notably “Milieu” and “Looking for Something Special” which played successfully in festival circuits. His recent feature screenplay “Grim Game” was a quarterfinalist at BlueCat and a semifinalist at American Zoetrope.

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